Our Mission

Antalya Toplum Koleji helps prepare students to understand, contribute to and succeed in a rapidly changing world both locally and globally. By providing students with the knowledge, life skills, attitude, universal values and expertise we aim to ensure their ability to contribute to benefiting any society worldwide. Our students follow integrated Turkish and International programmes to provide balance and harmony throughout their learning.

Our Vision

Antalya Toplum Koleji aims to help its students gain the necessary education and expertise, to understand and contribute to the ever-changing world, and to become individuals who will be successful in this world and take our society forward. As Community College, we guarantee that our students will have the oral education and other competencies they will need in this developing creative world. We also provide our students with theoretical and practical knowledge that will enable them to better understand the world around them so that they can better understand how to make the world a more livable place for all societies.


Here at Toplum Koleji (formally ICCA) we provide an English and Turkish Curriculum for students aged 3 - 19 years. Toplum Koleji is known for its warm welcome and aims to develop each student to their full potential and to become a self-motivated learner. We are a co-educational school community which includes students from many different countries. We believe that each individual can and does make a difference, therefore we work together to raise awareness and esteem of different cultures, beliefs and values, celebrating our shared humanity and cultural diversity as global citizens. We take pride in offering our students a creative and comprehensive education in a multi-cultural environment.