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Secondary education is an important step in the education of our students as it serves as a bridge between primary and high school. Middle school covers 5th and 8th grades and is equivalent to years 6-9 in the Cambridge Curriculum. Our students take English as first or second language, Mathematics and Science classes that include Physics, Chemistry and Biology. In addition, our students take Turkish, History, Global Perspectives, Geography, Art and Music, as well as Modern Languages which include French, German or Russian. Their education is completed by taking Physical Education and Information and Communication Technologies courses. Our students take the Cambridge International Checkpoint exam in the 5th grade and at the end of their secondary school education. This exam aims to better understand students’ strengths and weaknesses before moving on to the next stage in their education and includes English, English as a Second Language, Mathematics and Science. These tests are provided by Cambridge and include assessment information to help measure students’ progress. Each student receives a detailed assessment report drawn up by the school about their achievement levels and errors. Checkpoint exams are held annually in April, and students are expected to achieve certain grades in English or English as a Second language, Mathematics and Science to qualify for our high school program, IGCSE.

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E-Mail: lise@iccaschool.com

Mary Robins



Eda Çakı


Lower Secondary School Principal

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Lower Secondary School Deputy